I write because it’s the one creative outlet that takes me so far out of my thoughts, I lose track of time. I also love people, and writing about: grief, trauma, love, addiction, anxiety, self-worth, body image, and control, connects me with others working through similar experiences. My essays published on HuffPost and Elephant Journal, blend difficult topics with humor. My first book, Don’t Pee in the Wetsuit, is about grieving the loss of a parent on a long adventure around the world.

Television News Reporter/Anchor
Before I found the courage to really dig into writing, I pursued television news reporting right out of college. I started out at a small station in Idaho, and then reported and anchored at several TV stations across California, for a little over a decade. Check out my resume reel below from my time at KRON4 News in San Francisco.

In between my segue into graduate school and then teaching, I left to travel the world and write, Don’t Pee in the Wetsuit. Out of the 20 countries I’ve explored, New Zealand, and Italy, are my favorites. Below is a video shot in New Zealand where my friend Shannon and I are about to take a ride on one of the world’s highest cannon swings over the Shotover River.

For the past eleven years, I’ve loved teaching my students how to perform on camera, produce, shoot, write, and edit stories for broadcast at San Francisco State University and now at the University of San Diego. I’m grateful to be able to watch my students grow as storytellers and this work brings me a lot of joy. Here is a picture of a sports reporting class I took to shoot on-camera stand-ups on the field at a San Francisco Giants game. So fun!

A SAG member, I’ve acted in two network television shows and a handful of short films. I host corporate videos as well. Here is some of my acting and hosting work.