Let me help you with On-Camera Performance

I have more than 11 years of experience performing on camera as a television news reporter and anchor in top Northern California markets. A SAG member, I also act and host. I’ve built several university-level courses on the subject and have been teaching on-camera performance for more than a decade. I coach individuals as well as groups of executives with organizations like Vision Service Plan and the California Highway Patrol. I coach on-camera performance clients in phone sessions, through FaceTime or Skype, and in-person. You steer the session based on your particular on-camera focus. You can fill out the contact form for more information or visit my on-camera performance consulting website. website: oncameraperformancecoach.com.

I can help you to:

  • Prepare for on-camera interviews/presentations at work or with the media
  • Structure a hosting, reporting, and on-camera resume reel
  • Effectively perform on your YouTube channel
  • Find balance with energy, pace, and delivery
  • Set up a professional, on-camera space for Zoom meetings in your home
  • Reduce nerves and build confidence

For questions about booking sessions, check out oncameraperformancecoach.com.