I Followed Elizabeth Gilbert To India and Found More Than the Eat, Pray, Love I’d Hoped For

I relaxed onto the cold cement steps and leaned my jetlagged head against the temple wall. Across the courtyard in front of me, a brown Labrador sprawled in the grass between roller birds and dragonflies bouncing across rays of sunshine. The air in Rajasthan smelled like roses mixed with chai brewing inside a tiny kitchen nearby.

The Antidepressant that is Colorado

How Leaving the Isolation Nest Relieved my Anxiety

I couldn’t afford the trip but went anyway hoping it would make me feel better. 2018 didn’t go in many of the directions I wanted it to, and I couldn’t remember feeling so anxious and indifferent, maybe ever.
An awesome work opportunity went to another person, and after several rounds of interviews, another potential promotion disappeared when the company decided to postpone the hire.